5th Annual NanoMaterials Conference Scheduled for June 2011 in London

This website was created specifically for this 2010 event. The content below is from the site's archived pages.


Published on September 28, 2010
Written by AZoM
NanoCentral, in partnership with IntertechPira, is proud to announce dates and location for 5th annual NanoMaterials conference. Returning to the Hotel Russell, London, UK, on 7-9 June 2011, the event will deliver an outstanding learning and networking platform for anyone involved with commercialised nanotechnology.

Building on its conceptual origin, the 5th edition of this unrivaled event will focus on topics such as innovation, success stories, strategy and policy. The event's main aim being promotion of progress and new ideas, NanoMaterials will follow this trend and deliver new programme structure in 2011.

NanoMaterials™ - the leading conference focused on commercalisation of nanomaterials in Europe.

NanoMaterials™ will be coming back to the one of the world's greatest cities, London, for another year. Building on its conceptual origin, the 5th edition of this unrivaled event will focus on topics such as innovation, success stories, strategy and policy. The event's main aim being promotion of progress and new ideas, NanoMaterials™ will follow this trend and deliver new programme structure in 2011.

New event structure

  • 2 plenary sessions
    NanoMaterials2011™ will feature the opening plenary session in the morning of day 1 and the closing plenary session in the afternoon of day 2. These sessions will present senior industry players providing real insight into key issues that affect the entire nanotechnology supply chain.
  • Parallel sessions
    In 2011, the focus of the parallel tracks will be 
    - Policy, Business & Finance
    - Synthesis and production
    - Innovations in nanomaterials
    - Characterisation and metrology & SHE

NanoMaterials™ 2011 will also feature a bigger than ever exhibition showcasing leading suppliers of services and products as well as extensive networking opportunities. These will include an evening drinks reception and 1-2-1 Networking that was launched at the last year's event for the first time and provided delegates with more efficient way of meeting people. The conference will run during 2 days, on 8-9 June.


Donna Carson says: I had the pleasure of attending this event. It was an eye opener in more ways than one. The amount of knowledge transferred to me was phenomenal and I was introduced to some very valuable contacts and suppliers. I was also enlightened by the conversations I struck up with other attendees, who have their own amazing perspective to learn from. The story I'll remember forever involved an investor in a polymer products process who had a problem with Google's search results. Normally a search results problem deals with negative information appearing in Google's search results. In this case it was the opposite. A search for the company's name showed results too good to be true. A former partner had posted an outrageously positive review of the process, making dozens of claims that should not have been made until those claims could be proven. Some were not accurate and would never be proven true. The problem was that it appeared in the search that the company was trying to over hype its process in order at attract investors - something that sophisticated investors could spot easily. So they ended up hiring a search results removal expert to tamp down the problem search result. The expert smiled when the problem was explained to him because he expected to see harmful reviews, or hints of malfeasance - the normal stuff his company deals with. But in this case he was being asked to downplay an overzealous account of the process that exaggerated the good stuff. Hope it worked out.

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From all my different interactions with the attendees, I can safely say this was a diverse group of folks.




NanoMaterials2011 Agenda: 8-9 June


ln 2011, we will run 2 plenary sessions and 3 parallel sessions with a change in focus from the previous editions of NanoMaterials.

Opening plenary session in the morning of day 1 and the closing plenary session in the afternoon of day 2 will present senior industry players providing real insight into key issues that affect the entire commercialised nanotechnology supply chain.


3 plenary sessions will cover:

  • Policy, Business & Finance
    Macroeconomic and nano-market analysis, navigating the regulatory landscape, securing project funding and how to do business in the global nanomaterials marketplace
  • Innovations in synthesis and production
    Innovations in manufacturing - modelling, synthesis, characterisation, improving manufacturing efficiencies, upscaling, production management and quality control
  • Innovations in nanomaterials
    The latest developments in nanotechnolgy, across applications including clean tech, electronics, medicine, composites, coatings, and plastics

NanoMaterials2011 confirmed speakers

  • Stephen Cash, NanoCentral
  • Prof Peter Dobson, Academic Director, Begbroke Science Park, Oxford University
  • Prof Robert Falkner, Senior Research Fellow, LSE Global Governance
  • Tatsuro Ichihara, CEO, Kyoto Environmental Nanotechnology Cluster
  • Paul Haddock, Head of Capital Markets, PLUS Markets Group
  • Dr Richard Holliday, Director - Technology, World Gold Council
  • Steve Bennington, Chief Scientist, Cella Energy Ltd.
  • Stephen Coulson, CTO, P2i
  • Prof Bill Milne, Head of Electronic Devices and Materials, Cambridge University
  • Kathy Groves, Leatherhead Food Research
  • Gerhard Goldbeck-Wood, Director, Materials Studio Marketing, Accelrys
  • Bill Mills, Managing Director, NW Texnet
  • Jan Niehaus, CAN Hamburg
  • Paul Holbrow / Delphine Bard, Principal Scientist, Heath and Safety Laboratory

    ...plus many more to be announced soon!


Sponsors & Exhibitors

Find out more about or contact NanoMaterials 2011 Sponsors & Exhibitors listed below:

University of Birmingham

To facilitate access to the latest research capabilities and equipment, Advantage West Midlands and the European Regional Development Fund have invested over £80m in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities in two of the top UK research institutions – the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick. Three key areas have been invested in - Advanced Materials, Translational Medicine and Energy Futures – and aim to establish the West Midlands region as a leading research and technology centre within the UK and the world. Facilities and expertise are available for commercial use, research and consultancy. For more information visit www.birminghamsciencecity.co.uk.

+44 (0)121 414 3344

our addressEdgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Hosokawa Micron

Hosokawa Micron leads the way in nano particle production technologies that can increase product value by improving and adding functionality. We are able to work directly with customers to create unique nano-composites and engineered particles to meet specific demands, improve powder characteristics and/or create new characteristics without changing chemical properties.

Rivington Road , Whitehouse , Runcorn , WA7 3DS, United Kingdom

Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH

CAN GmbH offers contract research and development of nanoparticle systems on applications for the areas of consumables, specialty polymers and healthcare products and participates in national and international research programs. CAN GmbH has access to a large regional network of internationally outstanding scientists in the nano sciences, nanotechnology and life sciences as well as to an excellent array of instruments that is state-of-the art internationally.


call us on+49.40 42838–4983

our address:
Grindelallee 117, Hamburg, 20146, Germany

BHR Group Ltd

BHR Group is an independent fluid engineering consultancy & research organisation, providing practical and cost-effective solutions for clients through confidential consultancy projects and shared-cost consortia. Helping the Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Electronics, Paints, Inks, Coatings, Plastics and Component Manufacturing Industries to bring novel products to market BHR Group capabilities include: • Nanoparticle dispersion and stabilisation • Equipment design, scale up and evaluation • Dispersion characterisation • Physical and numerical modeling • Design of nano engineered surfaces • Testing of nano enhanced materials, components and systems • Tribological Assessments

Fluid Engineering Centre, College Road, Cranfield, MK43 0AJ, United Kingdom

PlasmaChem GmbH

PlasmaChem GmbH is the developer and manufacturer of a comprehensive spectrum of nano materials from nano diamonds to quantum dots for R&D purposes as well as of nanoparticles based consumer goods products and solutions for industrial applications (electroplating, automotive, optical, polishing etc.)

our address Rudower Chaussee 29, Berlin, D-12489, Germany